Zandari Festa: Artists Preview

With the 5th announcement of artists coming to Zandari Festa this September just announced, I figured we would give you readers a chance to get to know the more than 120 artists already confirmed to be performing at the festival. The music genres range from mellow acoustic solo artists to loud, heavy metal acts and everything in the spectrum between. There is no shortage of talent to see and experience in these four magical days, so be sure to get to Seoul September 30th through October 3rd ( I know I am!)

We here at Rock ‘N Seoul have gathered a video of each of the bands that will give you a tiny taste of what they are all about and compiled a video playlist for you to explore them all at once.

Bands to keep an eye out for on this list are We Hate JH, The Choppers, Street Guns, An Honest Mistake (only band on the line up (so far at least) from Malaysia, and they are pretty awesome) Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon, Jin Dal Rae Band & Full Garage.

We have more Zandari Festa coverage in the works, including the full RnS staff picks for top 15 acts to look forward to at the 2016 festivities. For now, familiarize yourself with this massive group of talented folks!




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