Melting Faces: Interview with …Whatever That Means

C: Are you going to get a chance to visit your family on this US Tour?

J: Unfortunately, no. I’m from the East Coast. I grew up just outside Philly, and we won’t be making it anywhere remotely close to there. There was talk of my brother and a few friends coming out to see us in Vegas, but everyone has such busy lives. It’s really hard to make that work when we’re never in one city for more than a day.

C: Any dream festivals or and/or countries you want to perform?

J: I would love to play at Punk Rock Bowling or release a record with Asian Man Records so we could play their next big anniversary festival. It’d be cool to get on one of the big stages here in Korea at Valley Rock Festival or Pentaport too. As far as countries, I’d love to do a European tour. Hopefully, we’ll be able to line up a few weeks at some point not too many years from now to do that.

...Whatever That Means live 1 by Ken Robinson

C: Besides your split 7” and US tour, what can fans look forward to from …Whatever That Means in the future?

J: Things have been so busy leading up to this tour that we haven’t set any definitely plans for after it yet. We’ve got some new song ideas that I’m hoping we can work on during tour. I’d love to be back in the studio by the end of the year working on our next release. Beyond that, we’ll just be playing as much as we can to promote the Blowing Minds & Melting Faces record.

C: Any last words for fans and those hearing your music for the first time?

J: We’d just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last seven-and-a-half years and for anyone who is just finding out about us, we look forward to meeting you at a show sometime.

Check out …Whatever That Means’ latest music video for “I Can’t Take It” here: 


…Whatever That Means is definitely a band to cherish and respect. They started from the ground up and created music that’s honest, raw, and full of real emotion.

Please be sure to check out their Bandcamp page  to purchase their music.
Visit their Facebook page to follow them as they embark on their US Tour.They’ll be coming to select cities on the West Coast, starting on July 23rd at The Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas.


Whatever That Means tour poster


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