Tilde’s (틸더) First Single – “Live Without You”

Tilde (틸더) is a new quartet composed of Laser (vocals), Kim Han Gyeol (guitar), Yang Joon Hyuk (bass), and Kand Dong Kyu (drums). Laser’s voice might sound familiar. That’s because he was the vocalist for Phonebooth  (폰부스). Phonebooth has ended all activities, but thankfully Laser is part of this band, so we get to hear … More Tilde’s (틸더) First Single – “Live Without You”

Mir Recommends – Adios Audio (아디오스 오디오)

This week’s recommendation is a three piece band self-described as Emo Pop called  Adios Audio. Adios Audio’s sound is a combination of pop rock with yodelling highs, soft lows and emotive melodies. Adios Audio came to my attention through a gig poster from a band I follow on instagram. I was zooming in at the … More Mir Recommends – Adios Audio (아디오스 오디오)