Tilde’s (틸더) First Single – “Live Without You”

Tilde (틸더) is a new quartet composed of Laser (vocals), Kim Han Gyeol (guitar), Yang Joon Hyuk (bass), and Kand Dong Kyu (drums). Laser’s voice might sound familiar. That’s because he was the vocalist for Phonebooth  (폰부스). Phonebooth has ended all activities, but thankfully Laser is part of this band, so we get to hear … More Tilde’s (틸더) First Single – “Live Without You”

Mir Recommends – Land of Peace (랜드오브피스)

Last year I came across Land of Peace in the compilation album called “Winter Dreams,” which I believe was a project spearheaded by Love X Stereo, to celebrate the 2018 PyeongChang winter olympic games. From the eight artists that participated Land of Peace was definitely my favorite despite the fact that a few of my … More Mir Recommends – Land of Peace (랜드오브피스)

Above The Clouds With Cloudian (클라우디안)

At the beginning of February, I came across Cloudian on Kindie Español, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing South Korean music to Spanish speaking audiences who mainly reside in Latin America. Although, I’m one of the people who manages the page, I’m probably one of the least active, but thanks to my colleague Cecille I … More Above The Clouds With Cloudian (클라우디안)