To mark the re-release of their debut album, Différance, Jambinai has unleashed the video for track “Time of Extinction.”


I mean, honestly there are no words. The piecemeal description of this experience is at its core level the song is as riotous as its name suggests. There is a moment of birth, the slow crawl of life from first step to last breath. Then the clamor and chaos of a violent ending. I say violent because extinction isn’t simply a death—that can come quietly and without anyone even noticing. No. An extinction is a hurricane, an act of God in an attempt to bring balance to an entire planet. It requires a certain level of disarray, an explosion of built-up (yet measured) entropy in order to set an entire world of life to rights. What has always been true of Jambinai is they manage to tell this story, paint these visceral images with just the way in which they attack their instruments.

However, the video that accompanies the song does a good job of putting visual form to the raw energy of the sound. It’s a work of art in every sense of the word, being at once subtle, then astonishingly brilliant in its beauty. There are hints to explosions, nuclear winters, an ashen snow at the end of the world’s war with itself. Really, nothing I could say would do the video or the song justice. Take a look for yourself and try not to fall head-first into the madness as it unfolds before your eyes.


2 thoughts on “JAMBINAI – TIME OF EXTINCTION (소멸의 시간)

  1. This is my favorite song of theirs to watch live – because they usually crank it out first and blow the audience away. It’s such a damn powerful song!


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